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Indiana Family Photography: Widner Family

Saturday, October 23rd, 2010


The cutest little cowgirl…


And her cowboy brothers….




Indiana Photography: Hannah, Kara and Brooke

Thursday, September 23rd, 2010




My best buddy Dawn and her three girls were in the studio.  I totally tricked Dawn.  I told her don’t worry you won’t be in the picture.  Ha Ha Sucker!!   You will thank me later.

Indiana Photography: Andrew’s photo shoot

Monday, July 12th, 2010

Andrew got his grandparents a gift certificate for a photo session.  That has to be the best gift ever if I say so myself.  He got pictures taken with his grandparents and parents…

Indiana Photographer  Photography by Jayme

and then just him and his parents…

Indiana Photographer  Photography by Jayme

And then we did lots of fun pictures of just Andrew..

Indiana Photographer  Photography by Jayme

Indiana Photographer  Photography by Jayme

Andrew likes to play catch with his dad so we got some baseball pictures…

Indiana Photographer  Photography by Jayme

Indiana Photographer  Photography by Jayme

And my favorite picture of the day… Him and his daddy playing catch…

Indiana Photographer  Photography by Jayme

Big thanks to Andrew for always being such a good boy when he comes to the studio.  And to his mommy and daddy for always bringing him!!  :)

Northern Indiana Photography: Santa was in Culver on Saturday

Sunday, December 6th, 2009

Santa made a stop at Elizabeth’s Garden to see some good boys and girls.  Thought I would share a few pictures.  We had a great turn out.  Seemed like I was snapping pictures the entire time.  Oh and I did manage to get some shopping done (for myself) I got a cute Vera purse that I LOVE!!!  Okay back to santa, here are some photos for yesterday…  I am putting in gallery form, you can click to enlarge, lots I want to share.

That is just a sample of the photos from that morning.  We also had some  crying babies too.  Oh and that last photo is of the upside down tree that is in the middle of the shop.  I just love that tree, it is super cool.

Thanks Elizabeth Garden staff for hosting such an awesome event.  Santa, Gwen and I had lots of fun.  It is nice that many of the kids have been there every year that we have done the event.  I can’t wait until the next one.  Oh and I already had someone ask about Easter pictures.  I am sure we will do something, not sure if we will do the bunnies again though, I will come up with something though.  Email me if you have suggestions gang.

Northern Indiana Photography: Emma is in the terrible twos!

Monday, November 30th, 2009


This little squirt is always thinking about food so perfect I got a picture of her rubbing her big belly.  Sparkle and Shine little Emma!


this next photo makes me laugh, I had to share it….




Oh how I love this little squirt.  I have taken her photos back when she was in her mommy’s belly.  It is always fun.  She is so darn cute.  You just want to pinch her checks and grab those thighs.  Really, our photo session was so funny that if we taped it we could have made big money with it.   I really should have thrown my camera in video mode a couple times.

Thanks Emma for all the laughs yesterday, can’t wait until you are back in the studio again.

Northern Indiana Photography: Mark, Debby and their kids

Monday, August 31st, 2009




I am gonna post Alex’s picture alittle larger.  I just love his eyes, and he was the happiest of everyone to get his picture taken.  Really at the end I should have grabbed him and did some more picture taking, because in a couple years he won’t be so willing I am sure.


I had a wonderful time wtih Mark, Debby and the kids.  I just love their family and am so glad they asked me to take their family picture again this year.  I want to wish Dylan good luck in his upcoming travels and make sure you take lots of pictures for the rest of us that don’t get out of the country. (me espicially)

Northern Indiana Photographer: Cowgirls, a Cowboy, and a Dumb Chicken

Monday, August 24th, 2009

I finally got around to taking some pictures of the kids in their cowboy/cowgirl gear.  I decided to include Ashleigh because I figured my kids would be more willing to participate and then I could also get some pics of them together.  Kimberly thought it would be fun so I had her come along and I am glad I did, there is no way my kids wouldn’t have let mom take so many pictures.

Ashleigh (Sam’s friend), Samantha, Kimberly (Ashleigh’s big sis), and Brandon cowboys-aug2009_17bw


My baby boy….cowboys-aug2009_10

And my big girl… (6 1/2 going on 16)





Goofying around at Grandma and Grandpa Jernas’ house.  cowboys-aug2009_40

The cowboy pics I took a week or so ago.  Last night we were at the horse show, then went riding, then they had been playing with the chickens for at least a good hour or so.  I decided to grab my camera and snap some pictures and by the time I went out there with the camera they were sweating and looked like this…. (notice fake tired smiles from the girls)chickens-aug2009_08

You have to meet Brandon’s chicken.  He calls it “Dumber Chicken”.  Trust me this name is not unusual at our house.  We have a cat named “Kitty Doe Doe”, and a horse named “White Horse”


Here he was showing me how it did gymnastics or something. chickens-aug2009_14


I am a horse person, not a chicken person.  This chicken thing is Bob’s deal (he won grand champion chicken at the Starke County 4-H Fair when he was little).  However, I am glad we have them.  They are teaching my kids alot of life lessons and great memories are being made at the chicken palace that Bob built.  Once again, I encourage you parents to grab your cameras and snap some pictures of your kids.  The weather is great right now, no excuses just do it!

Indiana Photography: Jacob: The cutest little redheaded boy!

Friday, August 14th, 2009

Warning!!  Lots of Cute Pictures Coming your way…h-aug2009_05-copy







At the end of the session I got some bubbles out that I had left over from family reunion.  Well, I could be wrong but I think Daddy had the most fun out of everyone, and I think Jacob’s favorite part of the bubbles was watching his daddy.  Oh how I love this next shot…h-aug2009_37-copy

Jacob is such a little ham.  I am so glad for Diane that we had such an awesome session.  I met her at Elizabeth’s Garden when I did the bunny shoot and she mentioned about wanting to do a session with me.  She was super excited about getting pictures done, I am so glad that Jacob was so good.  Thanks you guys for such a fun time.  Jacob is so lucky to have awesome parents that love him so much.  Hope to see you when he turns one.

Indiana Photography: Perfect Family Photo

Monday, July 13th, 2009


I just love this family.  If you know Abdon, Katie & Emma you will know that this is the perfect family photo, it is so them!

Indiana Photography: Blair Family Reunion

Tuesday, June 30th, 2009


Neil’s Family…june2009_45

The kids were looking for frogs in the mud…june2009_33bw

I was so thrilled to be asked to take pictures for this family.  It was more like hanging out with them then going to do a  job.  Wendy (Neil’s daughter) and I went to high school together (actually she was a couple years older then me- I got to get that in Wendy).  It was awesome to see her and her family that travel from Texas for the reunion.

I will have the rest of the photos posted in the storefront tonight.

Oh, one more photo… I have to post one I took with “Stan”.  Thanks “Stan” for making things entertaining.june2009_10