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Northern Indiana Photography: Basketball is fun!

Friday, November 27th, 2009

I posted pics in the storefront from the Junior High boys basketball game and the Girls game the other day.  If u know someone in the pics tell them that they are online.  I don’t care if I get orders, but want the kids to be able to see the pics.  I know it is hard for parents to take pictures in our gym with their point and shoot, heck it is hard with my camera equipment.

Here are some pics from the other day… (seen 3 1/2 games in one night)


ODWTPNov09099 reduced

ODWTPNov09097 reduced




Notice the older kids talking to the Jr. High kid in the picture below.  I did.  Kuddos to them for being great role models. (BTW it was neon colors day)



The above photo makes me smile.  Notice the cowboy boots and the jogging pants.  That is how Mason rolls.  I wonder if that is how his dad dressed back when he was in school (very possible).  <– counting on the fact that Rick won’t see this.

Storefront with more photos!

PS I hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving.  I did.  I ate too much, enjoyed the company of my friends and family Wed night and Thursday day.  And as soon as my husband gets out of bed we are going to head over to Hensler’s and get our tree.   Look out in the next couple days, lots of pictures to post, I am shooting 10 sessions this weekend.  (I hope I make them all fun for the people participating and we get some warm weather and no rain.)

Oregon-Davis Star Aubrey Minix sets Indiana State Basketball Record!!

Friday, January 23rd, 2009

Last night everyone in the LaVille high school gym got to see something special.  Aubrey Minix broke Shanna Zolman’s state 3-point record.  Zolman’s record was 319 3-pont baskets.  Currently Minix owns it with 322.  Congrats Aubrey! 

I know everyone has been waiting for me to post them…. first the shot that tied the record…


Here is the RECORD BREAKING SHOT heard around the state….


The crowd went wild….




For those of you that weren’t there to see it, no worries.  Dean Huppert was there so you can watch it here…

FOX28 video clip

On behalf of the Oregon-Davis community I want to thank Dean for covering this event for us.  Fox28 was the only tv crew there.  I have seen him many times make the long trip from South Bend to cover the girls and it is appreciated. 



Thanks Dean for grabbing a picture of me with the mic.  I think I would make a great reporter.  Are there any openings at Fox28???  (just kidding, I really should stick to my photography job)


I will have the photos in the gallery later today (I hope).

***OD girls make sure you go read the comment section and what Dean wrote about you all.

Oregon-Davis vs. Culver (Bi-County Round 1)

Thursday, January 22nd, 2009

I love high school basketball.  Tonight I am going to watch my nephew Jake play 6th grade ball and then heading to LaVille to watch the Lady Cats in the 2nd round of Bi-County.  Good luck girls!!!  Here are a few shots from the other night…. just click on the image to enlarge it.


I will have the rest of the photos in my storefront tomorrow.