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Indiana Senior Pictures: Blake from Oregon-Davis

Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

Hey parents, wanna know how to get your senior son excited about senior pictures???  Tell them they can get pictures on their dirt bike.  That is what Blake’s mom did, and it worked.  I had a BLAST with Blake.

Blake April201048bw crop

Blake April201045edit

This is one of my favorite shots…

Blake April201041edit

This next picture will give you an idea of how high he was jumping.

Blake April201023

Blake April201017

We did take a few non-dirt bike shots…

Blake April201012

Blake April201015

Blake April201004

Hope to see you next year when your brother gets senior pictures done.  I can’t wait to take pictures of his goofy smile.  :)  I think after last nights fun it won’t be too hard to talk him into getting his taken.

Indiana Senior Pictures: Brittany from Clark High School

Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

I love it when seniors bring props with them.  Brittany brought her super cool pink guitar and her mic.  She is an amazing singer.  It took us awhile but we got her to sing and my jaw dropped.  For a second I forgot to take pictures.  LOL

B April201012bw

B April201016bw_1

B April201031gt

B April201056bw

B April201058_1

Thanks for the fun afternoon Brittany and gang.  I hope you guys never forget Brittany’s senior picture session.  I know it will go down in my book as one of the best times ever.  Oh and I am sure some day we will see Brittany on TV or hear her on the radio.  She is gonna be a super star!

Indiana Senior Photography: Published in Senior Mode Magazine

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

Senior Mode Magazine is a national magazine based out of Indianapolis for high school juniors and seniors.  It is a printed and on-line magazine.  It contains information on senior pictures, prom and graduation needs, scholarships and modeling.

The Oregon-Davis Girls Basketball Team is featured in the “Your Stories” section.

Click on the Magazine Cover to read the article….

Magazine Cover


Here are a few photos from our shoot for the magazine….




If you know high school juniors or seniors in our area doing great things let me know so we can tell Senior Mode magazine about them.  I look forward to contributing more to the magazine in the future. or ph 574-867-6776

Direct link to the article:

Indiana Senior Photographer: Savanna from John Glenn

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

My favorite… she looks like such a model is this shot.  I love how it doesn’t scream senior pictures.

Indiana Senior Photographer




Indiana Senior Photographer



Savanna was such a trooper.  It has been a decent day out but when I was shooting her session it got windy and was even snowing pretty hard for alittle while.

Savanna was the John Glenn’s center on the basketball team.  I got to watch her play two games against OD and she did an awesome job.  I am sure she is sad that the season is over.

One more thing I have to post a picture of Savanna’s boyfriend Eric.  He was lots of help, he carried my step stool and reflector around for me.  I needed the step stool because Savanna is just alittle bit taller then I am.

So here is the cute couple…

Indiana Photographer

Indiana Senior Photographer: Rosie from John Glenn

Monday, March 1st, 2010

Rosie looks like some famous model or actress in this photo, I can’t think of who it is.  Help me out will ya.  (Edit to add Christy Brinkley, that is who she looks like in this photo.)

Rosie 201039

Rosie 201048edit

Rosie 201056

Rosie 201003bw

Rosie 201065

I had to include this next photo because I think it is great that Rosie is a senior in high school but is already working on her nursing education so we got a pic of her in her scrubs.  You are gonna be such a cute nurse some day soon!

Rosie 201070

Huge thanks to Rosie and her mom Donna for such a fun morning in the snow.  It was cold but I didn’t hear anyone complain at all.  Keep spreading the word at John Glenn High School for me Rosie.  Everyone from Glenn is always so great to work with.

Indiana Senior Photographer: Graduation Cards

Thursday, February 18th, 2010

Get your graduation card orders in!!!  If you know the info that needs to go on your card then get going and get them ordered.  It will benefit you to have your order in early, trust me, I work better when I don’t have to rush.  Please email me if you need your gallery reactivated to put your order in.

I had a couple parents that wanted to see some to get an idea of what they want.  I will try to get a page up online that I can have some more samples on, but keep in mind I custom make everything so it might not look identical to the sample, plus I don’t like everyone’s card to look the same so if I already made one like that particular card then I will need to modify it some.

Anyways here are a couple samples…. (all of these are 4×6 size, but I also do 5×7 and 4×8 size)

Sample 3 4x6

Sample2 4x6

sample 9 4x6

sample7 4x6

I would like to have graduation card orders in at least 3 weeks before you need the cards in your hands.  Envelopes are included with the cards.

Indiana Senior Pictures: Studio Model Alicia from North Judson High School

Tuesday, February 9th, 2010

Models Feb 2010_024texture

Models Feb 2010_033edit

Models Feb 2010_019edit

Models Feb 2010_017edit

Alicia is one of my studio models from North Judson High  School.

Hair by Brooke Weber from Body Reflections 574-772-3020

Makeup by Heather Dirrim from Glamour by Heather

Indiana Senior Pictures: Studio Model Hayley from Knox High School

Tuesday, February 9th, 2010

Models Feb 2010_097

Models Feb 2010_098

Models Feb 2010_102edit

Hayley is one of my studio models from Knox High School.

Hair by Brooke Weber from Body Reflections 574-772-3020

Makeup by Heather Dirrim from Glamour by Heather

Northern Indiana Photographer: Josh a Senior from West Central

Saturday, January 30th, 2010






Josh was a trooper and was willing to go outside and I think it was like 15 degrees out.  We didn’t shoot much out there because I was being wimpy that day, plus his nose was going to start getting red.  Then he had to face a really out studio because I had the heat turned up because I had a newborn session right after his.

Josh did a good job at laughing at my jokes, or maybe we was just laughing at me, hmmm oh well doesn’t matter he gave me good smiles that is all that counts.  Thanks Josh!

Northern Indiana Senior Pictures: Model Shoot (behind the scenes)

Monday, January 4th, 2010

The Model Shoot went very well.  I had 8 girls which is all we could handle that came from 5 different schools.  I had planned on taking lots of behind the scenes photos and video clips, but well that didn’t happen too often.  I was crazy busy helping girls pick out clothes and setting up backdrops.  Next time I will make it a priority.  I did grab a couple of our makeup artist Heather and Brooke that did the girls hair.

Brooke in action….



Heather in action…



I highly recommend both Heather and Brooke.  They did an amazing job on the girls.  Everyone looked great.  Also I want to encourage everyone to get your hair and makeup done for your senior pictures.  It really makes a difference.  Many girls walk into the studio with hundreds of dollars in new clothes but they skip the makeup and hair.  Trust me it is very important.  Let me know if it is something you are interested in and maybe we can get Heather and Brooke to come in studio.

Brooke can be reached at Body Reflections in Knox at 574-772-3020  and Heather is located in Bremen and she has a website which is Glamour by Heather.

There is still one model that I need to post, I will do that as soon as I get her release signed.

If you, or you know someone that would like to be a model for our studio please contact me right away.  We are setting up our next shooting date.  I will only take a limited number and I already have one.

Please contact me (Jayme) at 574-867-6776  and you can fill out an application which can be found

My email address is

P.S.  Only apply if your are FUN, we want fun girls that are comfortable in front of the camera.  You will get a free model session with hair and makeup included and you get % off your order, plus lots more extras.

Studio Model Elisabeth from Knox High School

Saturday, January 2nd, 2010






Elisabeth is a Studio Model for us from Knox High School.

Hair by Brooke Weber from Body Reflections 574-772-3020

Makeup by Heather Dirrim from Glamour by Heather

Studio Model Megan from Oregon-Davis High School

Saturday, January 2nd, 2010




Studio Model Megan from Oregon-Davis School  Class of 2011

Hair by Brooke Weber from Body Reflections 574-772-3020

Makeup by Heather Dirrim from Glamour by Heather