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Northern Indiana Basketball: Bi-County Tournament Underway

Friday, January 22nd, 2010

Lady Cats won the 1st Round of Bi-County and will be playing at LaVille on Saturday at 8:00am and the Championship game will be at in the evening.  (not 100% sure of time because it might have changed due to the morning game)

Anyways if you haven’t been to the Bobcat Den this past week there are some new bleachers at each end.  They are really nice.  I love them! (And I am not one for change, but these are really nice)  Makes it alot better for me to take pictures.


And I wanted to share this shot of Samantha (the one in the superman cape LOL) following Gabi Minix around.  Just a reminder to all the high schoolers in sports that these little kids really look up to you guys so try to set good examples on and off the courts.  And big thanks to all the girls basketball team for letting Samantha hang out with you guys she loved it.  And FYI she wore her hunting coat and hat to the game because Gabi likes camo.  She couldn’t wait to get to the game and show her.


Good luck Lady Cats, let’s bring home another Bi-County Championship!

PS  I will get all the images from the girls and boys game in a gallery later today.

Northern Indiana Photography: John Glenn and Oregon-Davis Battle Against Cancer!

Wednesday, January 13th, 2010

John Glenn and Oregon-Davis girls basketball team and fans raised $600 for coaches vs. cancer last night.  It was such a awesome evening.  They raffled off a special ball signed by both teams, and they did a silent auction where you could win a special head band which was worn by the girls during the game.  I won the highest bid for Katie from John Glenn’s head band.  Her mom was really appreciative that I got it.

Here is a picture of me and Christina (girls basketball manager) last night after the game.  I put the headband on but her brother said I looked dorky so I took it off.  (well he didn’t actually say that, but I could tell by the look on his face that it didn’t look good)

In case you didn’t know I HATE cancer.  I wish it would leave special people like Christina alone so they can enjoy their high school years without having to deal with medical stuff.  Christina- you are such an inspiration girlfriend!!!


If you follow my blog, you know these two are always trying to get on here.  They thought I needed some models to show off the head bands.  They are too funny.


indiana senior pics2





My favorite part of the night was when both teams met in the middle.  How awesome is that they can just get done “battling” on the court and then can come together like that.  Super group of girls at Oregon-Davis and John Glenn.


I am posting all the images I took at the game on the storefront right now.

Northern Indiana Photography: Kristin a Senior from John Glenn

Tuesday, October 13th, 2009

Super Cool Shot!!









As you can see in the first two pictures… It Rained!  It rained a bunch.  Never really got a break.  When we took pictures by the orange truck it was just sprinkling but later when we did the road shots it was raining pretty hard.  Kristin was a trooper and didn’t complain at all.  Kristin- I hope SAT’s went okay.  I was thinking about you on Saturday.