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Indiana Photography: Kid’s Book is online!

Friday, May 14th, 2010

The kid’s book that I did for Maggie and Jared featuring local kids is available for viewing online.

Go check it out.  NO FEAR BOOK CLICK HERE

Photography by Jayme Indiana Photographer

Indiana Photography: Kid’s Book Signing

Friday, April 23rd, 2010

THANK YOU to all those that came out to the book signing.  The library staff told me we had over 80 in attendance.  It was awesome to see people that didn’t have kid’s in the book there.  Also really cool to have Ted Hayes from WKVI there.  Listen for his report on the event at 99.3FM.  He interviewed Samantha, Brandon, Jared and Maggie.  The kids did an awesome job during the interview.  Okay let me just show you some pictures….

Cover of the Book
Photography by Jayme Indiana Photographer

Book 201009

Book 201004

Maggie signing books.

Book 201016

She just recently turned 4 and look how good she can print her name.  Her and Jared are super smart kids.  (they take after their cousin Jayme huh LOL)

Book 201017

Ted Hayes asking Maggie what her dad’s hobby is.  She said “cuddling with me”.

Book 201025

Mr. Hayes met his match with my son. Let’s hope his interview doesn’t make the cut for the radio.  LOL

Book 201021

My nephew Mason was there with his best friend Kylee.

Book 201014

One last picture.  My kiddos with Maggie and Jared.  They are such hams.  Look at them posing for the camera.

Photography by Jayme Indiana Photographer

I will be posting an online version of the book in the next week or so.   I will post a link to it here on the blog.  Also don’t forget the two books that were signed by the kids will be up for auction.  The first will be in the silent auction at the Starke County Relay for Life on June 11th at the Hamlet Fair Grounds.  The second will be in December on WKVI’s radio auction for Starke United.  Let’s spread the word and try to get some big money raised for these two events.

Some thank yous….  Thanks Starke County Library Staff for letting us hold our book signing there.  Thanks WKVI and Ted Hays for coming out and supporting us.  Thanks to my mom (Debbie Jernas) for helping, Thanks Samantha for passing out little packs of coloring books and crayons, Thanks Bob for being in charge of the snacks and well for putting up with me in general because that is a big job.  Thanks Rachel for speaking to everyone at the event and for being such a great inspiration.  And BIG thanks to all the kids that are in the book and to their parents for allowing them to be a part of this special project!