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Northern Indiana Event: Ladies Night Out Coming Soon!

Wednesday, August 26th, 2009

Ladies mark Sunday, September 20th on your calendar.   The 3rd annual Ladies Night Out event will be held in the Knox Middle School.  The doors will open at 4pm for food, fellowship, vendors and basket auctions.   There is a small fee to get in the door.  The theme for the event is FRIENDSHIP. 

I will be there and have something exciting going on for all my girlfriends!  I have been blessed with lots of amazing friends and can’t wait to have an awesome evening with them and also make some new friends.

Stay Tuned, more info to come in the next couple weeks.

PS… I wasn’t able to make it to lat years event (I am pretty sure I had a shoot that evening), I went to the first one though and posted on my blog about it.  Check it out HERE.