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Northern Indiana Photographer: Newborn baby Paige

Saturday, January 30th, 2010

Frank Family_09edit

Frank Family_13bwedit

Frank Family_35bw

Piper is a big sister!!!  Paige and Piper’s mommy is my photographer friend Nichole. (Lady Cats she is the one that went to the boxing ring with us and helped out) She needed me to take their family picture but of course since they were at the studio we did some of just Paige.

Paige wasn’t really in the mood for pictures that evening so we ended up hanging out in the house and chatting.  Of course once she got in the house and we weren’t taking pictures she was sound asleep.  I guess we wore her out.

I am bummed that I didn’t think to get any pictures of Brandon and Piper playing together.  They were so cute.  Imagine the craziness if two photographer’s kids got married.  How many cameras would be at that wedding.