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Indiana Senior Photography: Super Seniors Class of 2011 In The Studio

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

Last Sunday I had about 55 kids in the studio to get their photo taken for the Starke County Super Senior Photo.  They are the top 20 students from each Starke County School”  Oregon-Davis, Knox and North Judson.

Thought I would show some fun behind the scenes photos from the day.

I noticed these girls were hanging out so I snapped a picture….

Indiana Senior Pictures- Photography by Jayme 574-867-6776

And then I had them all get together for a posed shot…. (love how we ended up with kids from both OD, Knox and NJ in the studio at the same time)

Indiana Senior Pictures- Photography by Jayme 574-867-6776

I passed out at the end of the day because I was tired from posing everyone. (not really but if I did I had a nurse in training there to help me)

Indiana Senior Pictures- Photography by Jayme 574-867-6776

Some people like coming to the studio so much they show up even when they aren’t getting pictures done.  Kelsey came with Morgan so I had to get a picture with her.  I am not sure who has been to the studio more lately Kelsey or Courtney S.

Indiana Senior Pictures- Photography by Jayme 574-867-6776

Check back next week and I will announce the date for the release of the big photo and also I will be posting individual photos in the storefront so you can see those in advanced.

Indiana Senior Pictures: Studio Model Alicia from North Judson High School

Tuesday, February 9th, 2010

Models Feb 2010_024texture

Models Feb 2010_033edit

Models Feb 2010_019edit

Models Feb 2010_017edit

Alicia is one of my studio models from North Judson High  School.

Hair by Brooke Weber from Body Reflections 574-772-3020

Makeup by Heather Dirrim from Glamour by Heather

Northern Indiana Photography: Matt & Becky’s family in North Judson

Wednesday, December 9th, 2009

MB Bailey Dec09_05

MB Bailey Dec09_54

MB Bailey Dec09_36

MB Bailey Dec09_50

MB Bailey Dec09_46

What a fun family!  I loved hanging out with this gang.  My favorite part was when I took pictures of each kid with their pet.  I about died when Karson brought his turtle out.  He was so proud of it.

Oh, and if you know the family and wondering who the “other” girl is.  That is Melanie she is their exchange student from Germany.  She is such a sweetie.  I ended up seeing her later that night at the OD/NJ basketball game.  While I was taking pictures she was in the stands waving like crazy.

Matt, Becky, Katelyn, Kolton, Karson and Melanie thanks and next time let’s shoot during the fall when we have less chance of yucky weather.

PS  If you see one of them ask them about how we got locked out of the house.  LOL (sorry Becky, I had to mention that)