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Northern Indiana Photographer: Fun, Crazy Family

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009


KellerDec09_26retouch crop
I still can’t believe they did this.  See told you facebook friends they did a pyramid.
This family was too darn funny.  When they first came in the studio I told them it wouldn’t take long, it isn’t like we had little kids to deal with.  Well, I didn’t know who I was dealing with.  We spent most of the time goofying off. Which hey, I am all about having fun so not a problem with me.
Oh and after our shoot I told them my hubby and I were headed out to finish shopping and they said they were too.  We ended up seeing each other twice that night.  Too funny.
Zack, Ben, & Ashley, you guys are so much fun.  I am sure your parents are enjoying this Christmas break having everyone together.
***I will get the rest of the images in the storefront after Christmas. you can purchase your prints at that time.

Northern Indiana Photography: Matt & Becky’s family in North Judson

Wednesday, December 9th, 2009

MB Bailey Dec09_05

MB Bailey Dec09_54

MB Bailey Dec09_36

MB Bailey Dec09_50

MB Bailey Dec09_46

What a fun family!  I loved hanging out with this gang.  My favorite part was when I took pictures of each kid with their pet.  I about died when Karson brought his turtle out.  He was so proud of it.

Oh, and if you know the family and wondering who the “other” girl is.  That is Melanie she is their exchange student from Germany.  She is such a sweetie.  I ended up seeing her later that night at the OD/NJ basketball game.  While I was taking pictures she was in the stands waving like crazy.

Matt, Becky, Katelyn, Kolton, Karson and Melanie thanks and next time let’s shoot during the fall when we have less chance of yucky weather.

PS  If you see one of them ask them about how we got locked out of the house.  LOL (sorry Becky, I had to mention that)

Northern Indiana Photography: Big Family Photo

Monday, November 30th, 2009





Melinda brought her family and her husband’s family into the studio for family photos.  I encourage everyone to do this once and awhile even if it is just grabbing your own point and shoot camera out at Christmas time.

BTW I will be shooting one or two days during Christmas break so if the family is in town and you need family photos give me a call right way, I won’t be shooting more then two or three days so once I get those days booked that is it.

Culver Indiana Santa Pictures

Saturday, November 14th, 2009


Don’t miss out on seeing Santa!  We always have a good time at Elizabeth’s Garden in Culver when Santa is there.   Call if you have any questions, no appointments, just walk-in.  Jayme @ 574-867-6776  Elizabeth’s Garden is located near the Culver Cove.  It is a super cute shop.  They always have it decorated so nice for the holidays.  You can also do alittle Christmas shopping while there.  They have Vera Bradley purses!!!  <— which I love

Kids can even bring their letter to Santa if they want to.  I will be giving Santa my Christmas list.

Hope to see you all there!!!

Northern Indiana Photographer: Been busy!

Thursday, November 5th, 2009

Sorry for no blog posts for awhile, been busy trying to catch up with photo orders, and to just chill out so I don’t get burned out.  But don’t worry I have 4 sessions in the next couple days and a commercial shoot on Monday so I will have lots to share.

Mark your calendars for Dec 5th for Photos with Santa at Elizabeth’s Garden of Culver.  More details will follow soon.

If you want family photos before Christmas please contact me right away.  Since it gets so dark so fast and Bob is working far from home I won’t do much shooting during the week, only a couple in the studio and my weekend time slots are filling up fast.

(I have one slot open for Nov 15, several open for Nov 22, two slots left for Nov 28th, and not much time in December due to the santa shoot and  a commercial shoot on Dec 12th, plus throw in going to OD basketball games to watch my niece and cousin’s play ball <–gotta have priorities!)

I hope everyone is having a wonderful day.  I have errands to run and a meeting so I get to get out and enjoy the sunshine!!!

I got a facebook message from my cousin Robyn the other day and it was about being thankful.  She is posting things that she is thankful for.  Well today, I am thankful that Samanatha and I made a big mom/daughter connection, I am thankful for the Eskimo kisses Brandon gave me this morning (we call it giving “noses”)  and I am thankful for Bob, he just called to see how me and Brandon were doing.  Sometimes I complain, but when I think about it I am pretty darn lucky.  I hope everyone else is able to realize that too.

If you are on facebook look me up, I am usually posting about something stupid I did that day, something crazy the kids said or did or about my addition with chocolate donuts. -Jayme Goetz

Since I should really post a picture since this is a photography blog, here is one Bob took at Halloween.  This is his brother Grover’s house.  It was “the place” to go in Hamlet.  Thanks Grover and Misty for the awesome Halloween party, it will be one I will never forget!


And here is one more, I ment to get this to Terry Turner for the Newshawk and I am not sure if I got it to him in time for this weeks paper.  The staff from Wintersong was at OD schools passing out glow sticks, they were dressed cute and were super nice.  Thanks gang, the kids enjoyed seeing you.


Northern Indiana Photographer: Cowgirls, a Cowboy, and a Dumb Chicken

Monday, August 24th, 2009

I finally got around to taking some pictures of the kids in their cowboy/cowgirl gear.  I decided to include Ashleigh because I figured my kids would be more willing to participate and then I could also get some pics of them together.  Kimberly thought it would be fun so I had her come along and I am glad I did, there is no way my kids wouldn’t have let mom take so many pictures.

Ashleigh (Sam’s friend), Samantha, Kimberly (Ashleigh’s big sis), and Brandon cowboys-aug2009_17bw


My baby boy….cowboys-aug2009_10

And my big girl… (6 1/2 going on 16)





Goofying around at Grandma and Grandpa Jernas’ house.  cowboys-aug2009_40

The cowboy pics I took a week or so ago.  Last night we were at the horse show, then went riding, then they had been playing with the chickens for at least a good hour or so.  I decided to grab my camera and snap some pictures and by the time I went out there with the camera they were sweating and looked like this…. (notice fake tired smiles from the girls)chickens-aug2009_08

You have to meet Brandon’s chicken.  He calls it “Dumber Chicken”.  Trust me this name is not unusual at our house.  We have a cat named “Kitty Doe Doe”, and a horse named “White Horse”


Here he was showing me how it did gymnastics or something. chickens-aug2009_14


I am a horse person, not a chicken person.  This chicken thing is Bob’s deal (he won grand champion chicken at the Starke County 4-H Fair when he was little).  However, I am glad we have them.  They are teaching my kids alot of life lessons and great memories are being made at the chicken palace that Bob built.  Once again, I encourage you parents to grab your cameras and snap some pictures of your kids.  The weather is great right now, no excuses just do it!

Indiana Photography: Wes+Angie=Four Beautiful Girls

Thursday, August 6th, 2009


I love this shot….r-july2009_089










I have known Angie for years, we did the 4-H thing together.  She is super mom!  I know how much she does with the kids, with the catering business, and volunteer work so I thought maybe just maybe that her house would be alittle messy and I would feel alittle better about myself.  I was wrong!.  Oh well, I am just one of those people that can’t do it all and I am okay with that, as I sit at my messy desk and look at all the laundry that is on my dinning room table.

Wes and Angie have awesome kids.  They were so easy to work with and they were so polite.  After we were done they even asked if I wanted to for ice cream with them, which I would have totally took them up on the offer but I had just had a root beer float at the Jernas Family reunion just moments before I went to their house.

Angie also has a super mom, I am so glad Wilma stopped in to get a picture with Angie and the girls.  Wilma has always been so good to me.  I have great memories of working with her and her late husband in the 4-H building checking in 4-H projects.

Thanks so much Angie for asking me to photograph this time in your lives.  I hope we come up with a super cool arrangement for your family room.  PS… Huge thanks to Ariel for the help on the family picture with the kids lined up.  I would have never been able to do that by myself.  P.S.S  Hey Wes, I was thinking about your pink shirt today and if we make the pictures bw then your shirt would be grey.  (just a thought)

Indiana Photography: Chris, Robyn and Abby

Wednesday, July 15th, 2009





Abby’s daddy is a farmer so we thought it would be cute for Abby to take some pictures by the corn.ljuly2009_47

And then Abby thought it would be cute to peek out from the corn.  She is such a good poser.ljuly2009_48

We headed in the studio for a couple shots and she decided that the only shots we would get would be ones with a basketball.  We didn’t tell her what to do at all, she grabbed the basketball and sat there herself.ljuly2009_50

Chris and Robyn will be celebrating their 5th anniversary so I snapped a couple shots of just the two of them.  This is my fave.  This is totally them!ljuly2009_01

And one last shot.  Every time Chris comes for a session he does something funny, and since I always have a camera in my hands, I always snap a picture of it…ljuly2009_36

Thanks you guys for such a wonderful time.  Really I should be paying Chris for the entertainment.  He cracks me up.