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Indiana Senior Photography: Elisabeth from Knox High School

Friday, July 2nd, 2010

Had a blast hanging out with Elisabeth and her mom.  Here are a few of her senior pictures….

Indiana Senior Photographer

Indiana Senior Photographer www.photographybyjayme.c

Indiana Senior Photographer www.photographybyjayme.c

Indiana Senior Photographer www.photographybyjayme.c

these last 3 are my faves…

Indiana Senior Photographer www.photographybyjayme.c

It was got dark fast Wednesday night, so at the end of the session I had to find some light from other sources.

Indiana Senior Photographer www.photographybyjayme.c

Proud of this next shot, it was so dark my camera could barely focus, I am so bummed that I had taken my little flash light out of my bag when we had no power.

Indiana Senior Photographer www.photographybyjayme.c

I also have some sports shots we took in the studio.  I am gonna make a cool collage but don’t have the time today.  I will get that done and posted early next week.

Thanks Elisabeth for doing so well, and to Judy for always having the comb ready!!  :)

Indiana Senior Pictures: Blake from Oregon-Davis

Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

Hey parents, wanna know how to get your senior son excited about senior pictures???  Tell them they can get pictures on their dirt bike.  That is what Blake’s mom did, and it worked.  I had a BLAST with Blake.

Blake April201048bw crop

Blake April201045edit

This is one of my favorite shots…

Blake April201041edit

This next picture will give you an idea of how high he was jumping.

Blake April201023

Blake April201017

We did take a few non-dirt bike shots…

Blake April201012

Blake April201015

Blake April201004

Hope to see you next year when your brother gets senior pictures done.  I can’t wait to take pictures of his goofy smile.  :)  I think after last nights fun it won’t be too hard to talk him into getting his taken.

Northern Indiana Photography: Chamber of Commerce Event

Friday, January 22nd, 2010

Last night I went to the Chamber of Commerce Dinner.  There they awarded Charlie Weaver the Schricker Award.  Here is Charlie and his wife Jennifer Davis.


They also auctioned off the Eagle Plaque.  Here is the group involved with that.


And at the start of the evening Mrs. Lucas and her husband sang and played their guitars.  They were fantastic!


I had an awesome time last night.  My mom went representing 1st Source Bank and it was nice to have mom and daughter evening.  We had a great group sitting at our table.  David and Linda from Starke Hospital and John from Ivy Tech College.  It was nice talking to them about our community.  I have lived here all my life and both John and David shared some things that even I didn’t know and both aren’t originally from the area.

If you are on my facebook you have already read this but I have to share with everyone else… I want to thank Charlie and everyone else that was at the event last night you guys have inspired me to do more for my community.  Now that my kids are older I need to do more with the 4-H program that I love and that has done so much for me and my family.

The influence of a beautiful, helpful character is contagious, and may revolutionize a whole town.”-Collier Graham

Northern Indiana Photography: Matt, Chris, Larry, Carrissa and Alaina

Monday, November 30th, 2009








I just love that last shot.  I have one where they are both looking at the camera but that one is too cute.  Alaina was alittle under the weather, but still was such a good little girl.  We had lots of fun at Hensler’s Nursery.

Knox, Indiana Advanced Photography Class

Tuesday, November 24th, 2009

Last year I went to KHS to teach a class in portraiture work to the Advance Photography class, it was lots of fun and the kids were great so when I was asked to do it again I jumped at the chance.  This year there were more kids so I was alittle scared about that because I wanted each kid to get some shooting time.  So I did alittle talking and then we headed to the cafeteria and took lots of pictures.  First off here is the group of super students.  And you will notice not all Knox Redskins.  Some are from other area schools because this is a vocational class.


And here is some of the things that I taught them.  We had a crappy location for shooting (not very pretty) but I showed them that if they crop the photo tight and use the location right they can still get some good shots.  I know I learn best by making mistakes so I would have the kids shoot we talked about what could be better and I snapped a shot and showed them how they could have done it differently.

We shot with one of the students sitting by the wall.  first is student shot and then second is mine.  Taking a tighter shot makes a huge difference.



This one I showed them that if there is a cool or even not so cool flooring that you can use that as a backdrop.  Here is what the floor looked like… (someone said looks like 70′s LOL)


And here is what my shot looked like using the same space …


I know the students will go on here and look at this and hopefully this will help them see better what I was talking about.

Oh one more picture and huge thanks to Mr. Sullivan for asking me to speak to his class.  It helps me out just as much as it does you because I think it fires me up and gets me more excited about photography.

IMG_1349bwAlso I have to say that KHS has an awesome graphics program!!!  I am in AWWW when I am there.  I can’t wait to go back to talk to next Semester’s Class.  Mr. Sullivan is lucky that I have Brandon at home or he would find me popping in his class all the time.

WAVES to everyone in the class.  Feel free to drop a comment in the comment section, just no comments about how dorky I was!  (just lie and say I was fun)  PS I am on facebook, feel free to add me as a friend!

Indiana Photography: Patricia a Senior at John Glenn

Friday, August 14th, 2009







The above photo is Patricia with her mom.  They are both such sweethearts.  We had such a nice time talking during our session about what I have to look forward to when the kids grow up and are running around with activites.   As you can see in a couple shots we had to deal with wind during her session, which is good and bad.  I love the wind blowing in her hair, but it was tough to deal with that day.   Luckily I have lots of good spots around the house that has windblock.  Well girls, I hope you have lots of fun this fall with all the athletic activites!  Oh and spread the word for me, I am loving all the John Glenn folks that have been coming here lately!!  :)

Indiana Photography: SISTERS!!!

Wednesday, June 10th, 2009









I didn’t have sisters when I was little.  I was blessed with a bratty brother.  (sorry Jon, but when we were this age you were)  Luckily he grew out of the brat stage and by junior high age or so we were best buds.  I did have a non-biological sister Jackie.  She was blessed with three brothers (enough said).  I still call her Sis.  It is nice to have someone in your life that has known you since you were FIVE.  I think those people understand you the best and are friends with you no matter what. 

I am so happy for these three girls that they will have two other people for the rest of their lives that will always be there for them and that they will be able to sit and talk about  life back as far as age five.

Thanks girls for the fun morning.  Also you are lucky to have such a goofy dad and a sweet mom!!!

Photographers Hanging Out (Indiana & Alabama)

Monday, March 2nd, 2009

What do photographers do when they get together??  They Jump Up For Joy!!!  LOL  Here is Me and Nichole showing off our moves with Bridget behind the camera.  We are working the one light outside despite freezing our butts off!  (gotta love my crazy jumping face, although I think Nichole’s is alittle crazier)goetz-march1-2009_34

Actually they came over to learn some studio lighting and to help me get a family photo.(I think I made out better on the deal)  I will order this later this week as a 16×20 canvas.  I soo needed another one for my brick wall in the living room and this will be perfect.  


Samantha took a group picture of us three amigos.  She did soo good, I was worried the camera would be too heavy for her but she kept it really still.  The only thing she did do was held down the shutter snapping like 6 images right in a row.


Above is Me, Bridget (from Alabama), and Nichole (from LaPorte)  Thank you girls for a wonderful morning!!!!!  Bridget-we went to my In-Laws house that night and my father-in-law was still talking about you.  I hope you make it home safe.