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Indiana Senior Photography: Super Seniors Class of 2011 In The Studio

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

Last Sunday I had about 55 kids in the studio to get their photo taken for the Starke County Super Senior Photo.  They are the top 20 students from each Starke County School”  Oregon-Davis, Knox and North Judson.

Thought I would show some fun behind the scenes photos from the day.

I noticed these girls were hanging out so I snapped a picture….

Indiana Senior Pictures- Photography by Jayme 574-867-6776

And then I had them all get together for a posed shot…. (love how we ended up with kids from both OD, Knox and NJ in the studio at the same time)

Indiana Senior Pictures- Photography by Jayme 574-867-6776

I passed out at the end of the day because I was tired from posing everyone. (not really but if I did I had a nurse in training there to help me)

Indiana Senior Pictures- Photography by Jayme 574-867-6776

Some people like coming to the studio so much they show up even when they aren’t getting pictures done.  Kelsey came with Morgan so I had to get a picture with her.  I am not sure who has been to the studio more lately Kelsey or Courtney S.

Indiana Senior Pictures- Photography by Jayme 574-867-6776

Check back next week and I will announce the date for the release of the big photo and also I will be posting individual photos in the storefront so you can see those in advanced.

Northern Indiana Photographer: Kaylee and Ariel SENIORS!

Thursday, February 4th, 2010




Homecoming Queen!



Kaylee has been in the studio before, umm actually I think I have taken her pictures several times.  She is the most photographed senior ever.  Ray and her mom keep buying her sessions.  This last one was so we could get all her cheerleading stuff done.   Oh and Ariel tagged along and we got some Best Friend photos.

I actually had to say… “Girls- NO more pictures!”  They kept coming up with funny ideas.  I have so many photos I could post on here of the two of them, but I think the animation was a good idea so I just went with that.

Thanks girls for such a fun time!!!!

Northern Indiana Photographer: Josh a Senior from West Central

Saturday, January 30th, 2010






Josh was a trooper and was willing to go outside and I think it was like 15 degrees out.  We didn’t shoot much out there because I was being wimpy that day, plus his nose was going to start getting red.  Then he had to face a really out studio because I had the heat turned up because I had a newborn session right after his.

Josh did a good job at laughing at my jokes, or maybe we was just laughing at me, hmmm oh well doesn’t matter he gave me good smiles that is all that counts.  Thanks Josh!

Studio Model Kierstynn from Knox High School

Monday, January 4th, 2010

basketball collage

multi sport collage



Kierstynn is a Studio Model for us from Knox High School.

Hair by Brooke Weber from Body Reflections 574-772-3020

Makeup by Heather Dirrim from Glamour by Heather

Studio Model Stef from Knox High School

Sunday, January 3rd, 2010





ModelDec09_117bw edit

Stef is a Studio Model for us from Knox High School.

Hair by Brooke Weber from Body Reflections 574-772-3020

Makeup by Heather Dirrim from Glamour by Heather

Studio Model Elisabeth from Knox High School

Saturday, January 2nd, 2010






Elisabeth is a Studio Model for us from Knox High School.

Hair by Brooke Weber from Body Reflections 574-772-3020

Makeup by Heather Dirrim from Glamour by Heather

Studio Model Megan from Oregon-Davis High School

Saturday, January 2nd, 2010




Studio Model Megan from Oregon-Davis School  Class of 2011

Hair by Brooke Weber from Body Reflections 574-772-3020

Makeup by Heather Dirrim from Glamour by Heather

Studio Model Shelby from Bremen High School

Saturday, January 2nd, 2010





Shelby is a Studio Model for us from Bremen High School.

Hair by Brooke Weber from Body Reflections 574-772-3020

Makeup by Heather Dirrim from Glamour by Heather

Northern Indiana Senior Photographer: Model Shoot Tomorrow!!

Tuesday, December 29th, 2009

I can’t wait until tomorrow, I have several young ladies coming into the studio and they are going to get their hair and makeup done and we are gonna have lots of fun, oh and I will be taking some pictures tomorrow too, but really most of the time we will just be having fun.  Bob and Kyle are busy working on a new prop for me.  (let’s hope they get it done and there are no fire calls for Hamlet or Koontz Lake in the next few hours)

I know I have’t posted much lately, that will change, should have lots of images to post after tomorrow. The last few days consisted of one entire day cleaning my house,  and one entire day playing Nintendo Wii. (yeah I am addicted to wii fit, if you follow me on facebook you already know that)

So I am now back to work, yesterday I spent most of the day planning and talking with some of my photographer friends about upcoming projects that I will be doing this year.  I am so excited about the new year.  I have goals written down in writing and I will make them happen!!!  If not I think Nichole may end up sending me non-stop facebook messages until I get back on track (at least that is what I would do to me if I was her- hint hint).

A couple weeks ago Gabi was over working on a school project and took some pictures of Samantha in the studio.  I of course had to snap some too.  My kids take instructions better from others so Gabi told her how to pose and I snapped away.   My baby girl is getting so big.  Sometimes she reminds me so much of me when I was her age.  (she talks too much and is loud like I was like I am)Anyways here is a shot of Samantha my little cowgirl.  (her front teeth are still coming in, the joys of being 6 1/2)


Northern Indiana Basketball: #33 is Retired

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009

ODGG vs RochDec09_22

Lou Ann from WKVI radio interviewing Aubrey Minix.

ODGG vs RochDec09_27

ODGG vs RochDec09_29bw…  Samantha Sims made two baskets at the end of quarters.

ODGG vs RochDec09_49

ODGG vs RochDec09_35

ODGG vs RochDec09_38_1

ODGG vs RochDec09_50

ODGG vs RochDec09_68

One of my favorite photos of the night was when Sami gave Kelsey five at the line.

ODGG vs RochDec09_64

Some of these girls traveled from far to visit family during the Holidays.  They couldn’t miss seeing the Lady Cats and Aubrey’s jersey retired.  Love ya all girls.  Was so nice to see you guys.

ODGG vs RochDec09_54bw_1

By the way, the Lady Cats beat Rochester in Varsity action.  Go BOBCATS!

Northern Indiana Basketball: OD vs. Knox Girls

Saturday, December 12th, 2009

Oregon-Davis won 54 to  48 in the varsity match up, and it was an awesome game.  OD JV girls won also.  Both teams hustled all over the court.  It was so much fun to watch.  Of course I wanted OD to win, but I wanted to see a good game and wanted the Knox girls to play well too.

I am going to post all the images in the storefront after I post this and I have to mention, there are alot of images of Elizabeth Caudill.  I have known her since she was little and most of her family has known me since I was little.   Since I am busy following the Bobcats I don’t get to many of her games but always make a point to take pictures of her when she plays OD and she sure put on a good show.  For awhile it seemed like she couldn’t miss.  Great job Elizabeth and thanks for making it easy for me to get some good shots for your mom.  :)

Here is Elizabeth in action..

ODGBB vs Knox Dec09_054

Shelby Gilbert works her way thru traffic.
ODGBB vs Knox Dec09_071

Kelsey Minix drives down the court.  Someone mentioned she was player of the game.

ODGBB vs Knox Dec09_100

Samantha Sims take the ball to the hole…

ODGBB vs Knox Dec09_111

Alivia Sims makes an awesome pass right after I took this shot…

ODGBB vs Knox Dec09_094

My little buddy Megan got a bump under eye during the JV game.  And it looked like Justyne got a black eye during the varsity game.  It was a rough battle out there, glad I was on the sidelines taking pictures.

ODGBB vs Knox Dec09_016

Thanks for the fun night of basketball OD and Knox girls.  OD girl’s next game is on the 17th at home 5pm JV start.  I might leave my camera at home and just sit and watch (pressure from hubby to sit and enjoy a game with him, guess I should be glad he wants to be with me, but hard to just sit and watch)  LOL

I am off to post the images from the Knox and NJ games in the storefront.  They will be viewable in a couple hours HERE.

And thanks WKVI for all the nice compliments on the radio this morning.

Indiana Photography: Starke County Economic Dev.

Friday, December 11th, 2009

This afternoon I attended the Starke County Economic Developement Foundation’s Open House.  They announced their new name, logo and released their new website. I didn’t take many pictures, I was too busy eating and talking to everyone. (I do both too much)  But here are a few images from todays luncheon.

Charlie was working right up to the start of the open house…

SC Dev02

Lisa, Tammy and Ron greeted people at the door…

SC Dev09

They unveiled a banner that had their new logo on it.

SC Dev20

It was nice to see everyone.  Thanks for the invite Charlie and Lisa, I always have a wonderful time with you folks. We are very lucky to have a wonderful team working to get business to our area.  I love the new website, I hope we have more groundbreakings in 2010!!