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Northern Indiana Senior Photographer: Fun Time Learning

Thursday, December 10th, 2009

I am always trying to be a better photographer.  A couple weeks ago I attended a workshop in Indianapolis.  I have always felt I needed to improve my skills in the studio.  I learned alot and met so many wonderful people from all over.  Here are a few shots I took while there.

Northern Indiana Photographer010A

Northern Indiana Photographer019bw

Northern Indiana Photographer034

Here is Scott showing the model how he wanted her to pose.  Learned so much from Scott who is been in the photography industry for years and years, and years (just teasing Scott)

Northern Indiana Photographer011

My new friends from Sacramento, CA  Trenton and Barbie.  Huge thanks to them for driving my butt all around Indy.  And so thankful we made it in one piece.  LOL

Northern Indiana Photographer039

Northern Indiana Photographer: Santa will be in Culver don’t forget!

Friday, December 4th, 2009

Just a reminder about Santa.  Can’t wait to see everyone there.  Gwen and I always look forward to it.  Bob will also be helping out if you know what I mean.  I might have to get a kiss from Santa!!  :)  Also Elizabeth’s Garden is going to have a huge sale.  Last year she had some really good ones, people were buying stuff like crazy.  This year I am getting their early so I can shop before everyone else.  (hey that is a perk I have, okay)


Also, sorry the blog hasn’t had many posts in last few days.  I was in Indy shooting and hanging out with some amazing photographers for a couple of days.  I learned alot from them and will be doing thing differently to better serve my clients in 2010.  Lots of new stuff headed your way.  Stay tuned to the blog around Christmas time if you are in the Class of 2011 I will have an offer you can’t pass up but will it will be limited to only a certain number.

One last thing.  I have gift certificates available.  Keep that in mind if someone is hard to buy for .  I will be shooting during Christmas break so if a family is getting together with out of town family I will have time to get those taken.

Better get back to work, I will post the American Oak expansion soon and the rest of the day I will be making Christmas cards and filling print orders.  Keep in mind I can do rush shipping so once I get caught up today, I can get cards out within a few days.  (I still don’t have mine made, or have even thought what I am doing)

Northern Indiana Photography: Randy, Dawn and Aaron

Monday, November 16th, 2009


Nov09_16 (2)

Nov09_09 (2)


Nov09_22 (2)

Nov09_31 (2)

I have known Dawn forever, we went to school together.  She’s pretty funny.  If I remember correctly she was voted class clown.  (don’t kill me for saying that Dawn)  This was the first time I met her man Randy, and he is super nice, and has a son that is a sweetie (usually teenage boys would rather not get their pictures taken).  I loved picking on Aaron.   I am sure he just loves me after our photo session, especially when I said, “hey let’s tie Aaron up with the Christmas lights!”.  Thanks gang for hanging out with me!!!

Northern Indiana Photographer: Been busy!

Thursday, November 5th, 2009

Sorry for no blog posts for awhile, been busy trying to catch up with photo orders, and to just chill out so I don’t get burned out.  But don’t worry I have 4 sessions in the next couple days and a commercial shoot on Monday so I will have lots to share.

Mark your calendars for Dec 5th for Photos with Santa at Elizabeth’s Garden of Culver.  More details will follow soon.

If you want family photos before Christmas please contact me right away.  Since it gets so dark so fast and Bob is working far from home I won’t do much shooting during the week, only a couple in the studio and my weekend time slots are filling up fast.

(I have one slot open for Nov 15, several open for Nov 22, two slots left for Nov 28th, and not much time in December due to the santa shoot and  a commercial shoot on Dec 12th, plus throw in going to OD basketball games to watch my niece and cousin’s play ball <–gotta have priorities!)

I hope everyone is having a wonderful day.  I have errands to run and a meeting so I get to get out and enjoy the sunshine!!!

I got a facebook message from my cousin Robyn the other day and it was about being thankful.  She is posting things that she is thankful for.  Well today, I am thankful that Samanatha and I made a big mom/daughter connection, I am thankful for the Eskimo kisses Brandon gave me this morning (we call it giving “noses”)  and I am thankful for Bob, he just called to see how me and Brandon were doing.  Sometimes I complain, but when I think about it I am pretty darn lucky.  I hope everyone else is able to realize that too.

If you are on facebook look me up, I am usually posting about something stupid I did that day, something crazy the kids said or did or about my addition with chocolate donuts. -Jayme Goetz

Since I should really post a picture since this is a photography blog, here is one Bob took at Halloween.  This is his brother Grover’s house.  It was “the place” to go in Hamlet.  Thanks Grover and Misty for the awesome Halloween party, it will be one I will never forget!


And here is one more, I ment to get this to Terry Turner for the Newshawk and I am not sure if I got it to him in time for this weeks paper.  The staff from Wintersong was at OD schools passing out glow sticks, they were dressed cute and were super nice.  Thanks gang, the kids enjoyed seeing you.


Northern Indiana Photography: Wade from South Central

Friday, October 23rd, 2009







If you are on my personal facebook you have already heard about Wade.  He’s the one that has been on a couple shoots before and still decided to have me do his senior pictures.   He was okay with how dorky I am.  I think the last time I seen him was when he went with to Gary’s shoot it was freezing cold, and Wade was in charge of Gary’s dog.  It was one of those had to be there kind of days so I won’t go into details because I will be sitting her laughing and the rest of you would be saying to yourselves, “what is she talking about??”

Anyways, thanks Wade for having me do your senior pictures and I am glad your mom got to come with you.  And note to Wanatah and Hanna folks… I am only a few minutes away.  Spread the word Wade!!!

Northern Indiana Photographer: Ashley a senior at John Glenn

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009






I hope to see Ashley again in the spring.  (that is a hint to her mom that they need to come back for family pictures  LOL).  I think Muffins needs to come too.  Thanks girls for the fun evening last night.  It would have been the perfect weather if that darn wind wouldn’t have been blowin’ your hair all over the place.  Oh well, at least it wasn’t raining.

Northern Indiana Photography: Shandell Knox, Indiana

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009




I love this one of her and Danny.


I shot Shandell’s and Stef’s at the same.  Plus we had some extra visitors at the shoot, Danny was one of them.  I will tell ya alittle more about the shoot in Stef’s post.

Shandell- take care of Danny.  He’s special to my little white horse.  LOL

Northern Indiana Photography: Kyle from Knox HS

Saturday, October 17th, 2009






Kyle is a trooper. I don’t think he complained one time about the cold. Me on the other hand, I am pretty sure I mentioned a couple times that it was freezing out.

I just have to mention that I am so lucky to have the best clients ever!!! Just sayin’.

Northern Indiana Photography: Kristin a Senior from John Glenn

Tuesday, October 13th, 2009

Super Cool Shot!!









As you can see in the first two pictures… It Rained!  It rained a bunch.  Never really got a break.  When we took pictures by the orange truck it was just sprinkling but later when we did the road shots it was raining pretty hard.  Kristin was a trooper and didn’t complain at all.  Kristin- I hope SAT’s went okay.  I was thinking about you on Saturday.

Northern Indiana Photography: Adrienne a senior at John Glenn

Monday, October 12th, 2009

I LOVE this next shot….EOct09_48bw





Adrienne and her doggie Zeus.  (When I first met Zeus I was afraid he was going to eat me)EOct09_19

Adrienne and her best friend Karen.EOct09_17

We had a really pretty day for shooting with Adrienne.  It was alittle cold, but nothing compared to how bad it was this weekend.  We really got lucky.  I am so glad she brought her friend Karen, who is a sweetie and also a good reflector holder.

Thanks to the entire family for a fun afternoon of shooting.  Can’t wait to see you guys again.

Northern Indiana Photography: Brittnie from Oregon-Davis

Wednesday, October 7th, 2009








Took alittle road trip with Brittnie and her mom.  We had so much fun.  I really enjoyed shooting at a different location for a change.  Seems like I have been shooting around my area alot lately, which is nice too, but was cool to shoot by the waterfall.  Thanks Brittnie for the laughs, and I am thinking about trying one of those McD’s brownies soon.

Northern Indiana Photography: Alicia and her horse Lucky

Tuesday, October 6th, 2009




Here she is with her boyfriend Brandon (love that name).  Also, Brandon is a keeper!!!AOct09_48bw-copy

Here she is with her grandma (a super duper cool grandma).AOct09_49-copy

Thanks Alicia for the fun morning.  I am glad your horsey was so well behaved despite the wind and the cold.  I am glad that you can’t tell in any of the photos that it was freezing when we took them.  I was pretty warm but I had a winter coat on the entire time. 

I hope you have an awesome senior year!!!