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Indiana Wedding Photography: Adam & Kate

Thursday, December 9th, 2010

Indiana Wedding Photographer- Photography by Jayme

Indiana Wedding Photographer- Photography by Jayme

Indiana Wedding Photographer- Photography by Jayme

Indiana Wedding Photographer- Photography by Jayme

Indiana Wedding Photographer- Photography by Jayme

Indiana Wedding Photographer- Photography by Jayme

Indiana Wedding Photographer- Photography by Jayme

Indiana Wedding Photographer- Photography by Jayme

Indiana Wedding Photographer- Photography by Jayme

Indiana Wedding Photographer- Photography by Jayme

They had a photo booth, it rocked!  The guests loved it, I even got in there.

Indiana Wedding Photographer- Photography by Jayme

Indiana Wedding Photographer- Photography by Jayme

One of my all time favorite reception shots is this next one of Kate and her dad…

Indiana Wedding Photographer- Photography by Jayme

Indiana Wedding Photographer- Photography by Jayme

Indiana Wedding Photographer- Photography by Jayme

Late in the evening they brought out trays of McDonald’s cheeseburgers for everyone!

Indiana Wedding Photographer- Photography by Jayme

Indiana Wedding Photographer- Photography by Jayme

I so should have asked to wear the burger hat!  Dang it, why didn’t I think of it.

Indiana Wedding Photographer- Photography by Jayme

Wedding Ceremony Location:  St. John’s Lutheran of Lombard, IL  Reception Location:  The Hyatt Lodge at the McDonald’s Campus Oak Brook, IL  Photographers:  Bob and Jayme

Kate and Adam are the ones that had a foggy setting when we shot their engagement session.  If you have time check it out here.

Thanks Kate and Adam for trusting me with your special day. You both have wonderful friends and family that were so good to us!

Indiana Photography: Trash the Dress with Lindsay and Brad

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

First off, I call these “Trash the Dress” sessions but that doesn’t have to mean doing any trashing.  Actually Lindsay’s dress was already filthy from her reception and in need of dry cleaning.  Trash the Dress Sessions are great ways to get some pictures that you can’t get the actual day of the wedding and it is fun for the bride to put her wedding dress back on.  I so wish I would have done this and took some of me on my little white horse.  Oh well at least I get to have fun with everyone else.

Indiana Wedding Photographer trash the dress

Indiana Wedding Photographer trash the dress

Indiana Wedding Photographer trash the dress

Indiana Wedding Photographer trash the dress

Indiana Wedding Photographer trash the dress

Indiana Wedding Photographer trash the dress

Indiana Wedding Photographer trash the dress

Indiana Wedding Photographer trash the dress

Indiana Wedding Photographer trash the dress

Indiana Wedding Photographer trash the dress

Indiana Wedding Photographer trash the dress

Indiana Wedding Photographer trash the dress

I just love Lindsay and Brad.  They are the easiest people to photograph.  If you want to see more pictures of them  HERE IS E-SESSION and HERE IS WEDDING posts. I told them that when the start a family they have to call me.

Indiana Wedding Photography: Michelle and Matt Valparaiso, IN

Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010

Indiana Wedding Photography

Indiana Wedding Photographer

I asked him, “Who’s the best photographer??”

Indiana Wedding Photographer

Indiana Wedding Photographer

Indiana Wedding Photographer

Indiana Wedding Photographer

Indiana Wedding Photographer

Indiana Wedding Photographer

Indiana Wedding Photographer

Matt is an accountant at Vera Bradley so they chose their wedding colors from Michelle’s favorite Vera pattern.  How cool is that!?!?!?  BTW I love Vera.  We have several here at my house.  Actually my SIL Alesha bought me one for my 30th birthday and I still use it all the time  (yeah that was almost 3 years ago).

Indiana Wedding Photographer

Indiana Wedding Photographer

Indiana Wedding Photographer

Indiana Wedding Photographer

The wedding ceremony and reception was at Aberdeen Manor and it was fantastic!  The staff is great and the place is so pretty.

Indiana Wedding Photographer

Indiana Wedding Photographer

Indiana Wedding Photographer

My favorite picture: me and my best buddy Nichole!  Photo taken by the nice wedding guest that sat by me during the ceremony and made funny faces at me.  He was a hoot!

Indiana Wedding Photographer

Wedding and Reception Location:  Aberdeen Manor Harpist:  Heidi Sullivan Limo: Second Nature Limousines Vocalist:  Jim Bulanda Tribute to Frank Photographers:  Jayme and Nichole

Northern Indiana Wedding Photographer: Kate’s Ring on Ice

Sunday, January 10th, 2010

I met with a really nice couple from the Chicago area yesterday.  I felt so bad that they drove all the way in the snow just  to meet me and since they are both really into photography I decided to get the camera out.  I just have to share two images I caught of her ring.  It was fun playing around, but it was sooo darn cold.



Northern Indiana Photographer: Been busy!

Thursday, November 5th, 2009

Sorry for no blog posts for awhile, been busy trying to catch up with photo orders, and to just chill out so I don’t get burned out.  But don’t worry I have 4 sessions in the next couple days and a commercial shoot on Monday so I will have lots to share.

Mark your calendars for Dec 5th for Photos with Santa at Elizabeth’s Garden of Culver.  More details will follow soon.

If you want family photos before Christmas please contact me right away.  Since it gets so dark so fast and Bob is working far from home I won’t do much shooting during the week, only a couple in the studio and my weekend time slots are filling up fast.

(I have one slot open for Nov 15, several open for Nov 22, two slots left for Nov 28th, and not much time in December due to the santa shoot and  a commercial shoot on Dec 12th, plus throw in going to OD basketball games to watch my niece and cousin’s play ball <–gotta have priorities!)

I hope everyone is having a wonderful day.  I have errands to run and a meeting so I get to get out and enjoy the sunshine!!!

I got a facebook message from my cousin Robyn the other day and it was about being thankful.  She is posting things that she is thankful for.  Well today, I am thankful that Samanatha and I made a big mom/daughter connection, I am thankful for the Eskimo kisses Brandon gave me this morning (we call it giving “noses”)  and I am thankful for Bob, he just called to see how me and Brandon were doing.  Sometimes I complain, but when I think about it I am pretty darn lucky.  I hope everyone else is able to realize that too.

If you are on facebook look me up, I am usually posting about something stupid I did that day, something crazy the kids said or did or about my addition with chocolate donuts. -Jayme Goetz

Since I should really post a picture since this is a photography blog, here is one Bob took at Halloween.  This is his brother Grover’s house.  It was “the place” to go in Hamlet.  Thanks Grover and Misty for the awesome Halloween party, it will be one I will never forget!


And here is one more, I ment to get this to Terry Turner for the Newshawk and I am not sure if I got it to him in time for this weeks paper.  The staff from Wintersong was at OD schools passing out glow sticks, they were dressed cute and were super nice.  Thanks gang, the kids enjoyed seeing you.


Northern Indiana Wedding: Jon + Sarah= Fun Wedding Day!!

Friday, October 30th, 2009

Well, I already showed you their wedding day photo booth, here are the rest of pictures…




I have had a few running kids this year…


Rylan took it alittle slower.


Notice the thumbs up Sarah is getting….


I thought it was neat that Bob grabbed a shot of it from above.  You have to look closely to see it, but cool that it was taken the same time I took mine.






True story, a John Deere B just happened to show up while we were taking pictures.






Sarah’s sister Katie wins the award for the best speech EVER.  I thought since Sarah’s childhood blanket made an appearance at the wedding, it just had to make its’ way on the blog.




There is no such thing as too much fun…


What an awesome wedding!!!  If you didn’t have fun, it was your own fault.  The DJ had the dance floor rockin and Bob had the photo booth going.  I am sad that it is all over.  Sarah and Jon were so easy to work with which makes my day more fun.  (Do you think we could all get together again on their first anniversary??)

Wedding Ceremony:  Sacred Heart Catholic Church Wanatah, Indiana (Father Jerry is a sweetie)  Reception Venue:  Strongbow Valparaiso, Indiana (the staff was super duper)  Cake: Stongbow’s Flowers: Elizabeth’s Garden of Culver Photography by:  Bob and Jayme

Northern Indiana Photography: Gayle and Chris are going to get Married

Saturday, October 17th, 2009



Photo shoots with me are always a good time…. :)

I can’t wait until Gayle and Chris’ wedding. It’s gonna be lots of fun and I love working with couples like them that are comfortable in front of the camera.

This was the first time I met Chris and we had such a wonderful meeting. For those of you that are on my facebook you know that I have an attack rooster (aka Dead Chicken)…. well the rooster got out again and chased me as I went to the studio. Chris saved the day though and waved a broom at it and scared it away. He is a smart a$$ though because I asked him how he did that (because it wasn’t scared of me when I did that) and he said, “well I held the handle like this..) whatever, I am just glad it stayed away then.

Northern Indiana Photography: Nolan is ONE!

Saturday, October 3rd, 2009






I can’t believe Nolan is one already.  He has been coming to me for pictures since he was 3 months old.  It has been fun watching him grow up.  He is such a joy to be around.  I made something special for his mom, but she has to wait another day until I post the rest of his pictures in the storefront.

Northern Indiana Wedding: Brandon and Kari Lafayette, IN

Sunday, September 20th, 2009



Bob shoot with me on this wedding… here is one of his pictures.Sept2009_163 edit

Isn’t the church amazing.  Never seen anything like it.Sept2009_164



They have lots of really great friends and family.  Brandon and Kari you are very lucky!!Sept2009_234


One of my faves…Sept2009_304bw

They had a Hummer limo, that was super duper cool.  Although I about fell on my A$$ when I was getting out of it.  Luckily no one really seen and my ankle just hurt for alittle while and then I was fine.Sept2009_328




Bob and I were marriend 11 years yesterday.  My favorite part of our wedding day was all the dancing…our first dance, dancing with my father, and  shaking my booty with all my family and friends.  The way it looked that may have been Kari and Brandon’s favorite part too.Sept2009_425bw



Always a good bouqet toss when someone ends up on the ground.Sept2009_484


How cool is this.  For the reception they all had their Switchflops on.Sept2009_352


The cutest, sweetest and most fun ring bearer ever.  I just loved this little guy.  Later in the evening he put on his ring security shirt.  We had so much fun with and even sat with him and his family for the meal.Sept2009_570

And here is me and one of my bestest buddies ever Dena.  Thanks Dena for introducing me to Kari and her mom Linda.  It is awesome that I got to shoot such a fun wedding and have made some great new friends thru you.  (my hair looks alittle crazy there, honestly it looked really good when we started the day, I love my new hair cut, trying to stop the pony tail wearing thing, since I am over 30).Sept2009_479

Oh Boy, did we have a good time at Brandon and Kari’s wedding.  The church was amazing as you seen.   Brandon and Kari hired the best vendors.  Everything was perfect.  Their friends and family piled on the dance floor all night.  I love receptions like that.

I will post links to the vendors tomorrow.  I need to get my stuff ready for the ladies night out.  And sorry you had to wait a week for the blog post.  I typically have them up sooner but this week I was shooting non-stop so I wasn’t as quick as I usually am.

Culver Indiana Wedding: Ellen and David

Tuesday, August 25th, 2009

Once again I was lucky to be shooting at the Culver Academy Memorial Chapel.ellendavidaug2009_2041

Before I post more of the ceremony here is the jewelry…  The necklace and the bracelet are from Ellen’s grandmother.   The rings were handmade by David.  Yep, he made them.  Isn’t that cool. ellendavidaug2009_022

Closer look at the rings.  The one with silver on it is the engagement ring.  The silver is in the shape of dogs.  I guess Ellen and David have two doggies. ellendavidaug2009_005

My favorite part of the day was when Ellen and her dad walked down the aisle.  Here is her mom and grandmother. ellendavidaug2009_072


And here is my favorite picture from the wedding.  Just look at their faces.  Everyone is just beaming with happiness….ellendavidaug2009_1561


Bob grabbed this shot from the balcony. ellendavidaug2009_209

The moms were so happy they danced out of the church.ellendavidaug2009_219

Ellen and David were pretty happy too, so much so they ran and jumped in the air. ellendavidaug2009_262


The reception was at the Culver Academy Navel Building.  It is a neat building.  This was the first time I was ever inside. ellendavidaug2009_343

I don’t normally eat cake at a wedding I am working at, but Ellen insisted and I am glad I did.  It was yummy!!!ellendavidaug2009_335

Had to throw this shot in, Bob and I walked around at the Culver Cove looking for some cool rocks to put the rings on and I snapped this shot.  It started raining when we got back to the room, but it stopped just in time when we headed for the church.


Bob shot with me again.  We don’t spend much time together without kids, so it was nice to hang out together.  If you ask him he won’t admit to liking weddings but I think he does.  He also does a good job.  He got all the balcony shots for me and he also did some ironing for the groom who had a wrinkle in the middle of his tie…ellendavidaug2009_047

I asked one of Ellen’s girlfriends that we hung out with before the wedding to snap a picture of us together.  Big thanks!!!ellendavidaug2009_118

Ellen and David are REALLY laid back people.  They were getting ready at the Culver Cove and Bob and I got there and Ellen had her hair done but that was it.  After hanging out for awhile I had to tell her that she better get her makeup done and get dressed.  And the entire day was so laid back it kinda’ made me nervous but yet so comfortable all at the same time.  They didn’t want to be rushed, they just wanted to enjoy the day. 

Ellen and David must be really well liked by their family and friends.  Many travelled very far for the wedding.  Ellen and David both live in Sunnyvale, CA, some of their friends came from there, some family from New York, Rhode Island, Michigan and there was even a charter bus load that came from Indianapolis.

Thanks Ellen and David and your family and friends for the fun day in Culver!!! 

Ceremony venue:  Culver Academy Memorial Chapel ,  Reception Venue:  Culver Academy Naval Building, Cake by Cakewalk, Flowers by Elizabeth’s Garden of Culver, Food by City Tavern, Photographers:  Bob and Jayme Goetz  Getting Ready Location:  Culver Cove

Indiana Photography: Rachel and Craig from Kouts, Indiana

Friday, August 21st, 2009


I thought it was cute that Craig was fixing Rachel’s hair.rc-aug2009_032



I LOVE this shot, it is so romantic and dreamy!!! rc-aug2009_066tdw





Rachel and Craig are getting married in Hebron, IN and are having their reception at Avalon Manor in Merrillville.  I am excited for their wedding day to get here.  We will have so much fun!!!  At their session Rachel asked if I could get a sunset picture, I am like nooo problem.  Luckily we got a really pretty sky for her.  I hope you love your photos and call me any time to talk wedding talk!!!!

PS  If any of my blog readers knows someone that is getting married next year tell them about me and tell them not to wait to book their photographer.   I already have several dates booked for next year.  Seems like everyone is wanting a June and July wedding next year.

Culver Indiana Wedding: Kalan and Charles

Tuesday, August 18th, 2009

The Culver Memorial Chapel is simply beautiful!!  My favorite place to shoot.  This is why…. (isn’t it just amazing)


Kalan and Charles decided to see each other before the wedding and we actually took all formal pictures prior to the ceremony.  It was so nice to be able to head right to the recetpion.  We first started shooting at the Culver Cove were Kalan got ready, and look what I found…

A bikini and flip flops made special for the wedding weekend…rayaug2009_002-copy


No, those aren’t the real rings on the flip flops, these are the rings…rayaug2009_050-copy

After the Cove we headed to grandpa’s cottage on the lake.  It was so nice out there.  They had it all decorated for the pre-wedding celebrating..rayaug2009_036-copy

Then we headed over to the Chapel were we did all the formals.rayaug2009_064-copy





Charlie waiting for his bride…rayaug2009_161-copy




Kalan and Charlie had such awesome parents and grandparents.  I really felt like I was photographing a friends wedding and I had never even met Kalan or Charlie before that day.






This was a wonderful couple that traveled all the way from Argentina for the wedding.  He shared with me that in Argentina it is customary for the bride and groom to get a picture taken with each table.  What a neat idea.  So I did that for his table and I also tried to grab a picture of the couple while they visited other tables.rayaug2009_464-copy


I would say about 75% of the guests were from Ohio.  The guests I talked to loved Culver, Indiana!!  (I do too.)  The wedding was perfect!  (well except for the fact that it was really hot out but that was out of our hands)  The couple was super to work with, their family and friends were so friendly and FUN, the food was fantasic, the cake was huge and so pretty, the DJ rocked the tent and the view of the lake was awesome.  Thanks for allowing me to photograph your special day.

Oh and for the record Todd from Corndance owes me.  I helped him out with the cake.  His help came shortly after I started helping him but I think he was glad I was right there.  And I have to add… Todd and his crew did an awesome job.  They had to walk back and forth from the building to the tent with the food and it wasn’t a short walk.  Many times I seen employees running back to get another tray of food.   rayaug2009_366-copy

And huge thanks to my second shooter Gwen for capturing the balcony shots of the chapel for me.  You got some awesome pictures once again and it is always so much fun working with you.

Bride Prep Location:  Culver Cove, Groom:  Grandpa’s Cottage, Ceremony: Culver Academy Memorial Chapel, Reception:  Tent at Culver Academy (by Math and Science Building)  Cake:  Cakewalk  Food:  Corndance Cafe  DJ:  Ultrasound  Hair:  Body Reflections (April and Zack)  Photographers:  Jayme and Gwen