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Indiana Photographer: Regional Recap

Monday, February 22nd, 2010

Lady Cats are Regional Runners-Up.  Which means they beat Tri-County in the first round but lost to Fort Wayne in the final game.  It was sad.  Gonna miss watching the seniors play.

I do have to say we have the best fans ever!!!  At the final game we had the entire side of the gym filled.

Indiana Photographer

some even color their hair for the game…

Regionals 2010_098

Brad telling Sam and Liv how much he has enjoyed watching them play thru the years.  (I second that)

Regionals 2010_161

Here are just a couple actions shots…

Regionals 2010_116

Regionals 2010_017

Regionals 2010_117

If you are a facebook friend I posted a video clip for the game, might post a couple more if I have time.

I will get the rest online in the storefront later today.

Northern Indiana Basketball: Bi-County Tournament Underway

Friday, January 22nd, 2010

Lady Cats won the 1st Round of Bi-County and will be playing at LaVille on Saturday at 8:00am and the Championship game will be at in the evening.  (not 100% sure of time because it might have changed due to the morning game)

Anyways if you haven’t been to the Bobcat Den this past week there are some new bleachers at each end.  They are really nice.  I love them! (And I am not one for change, but these are really nice)  Makes it alot better for me to take pictures.


And I wanted to share this shot of Samantha (the one in the superman cape LOL) following Gabi Minix around.  Just a reminder to all the high schoolers in sports that these little kids really look up to you guys so try to set good examples on and off the courts.  And big thanks to all the girls basketball team for letting Samantha hang out with you guys she loved it.  And FYI she wore her hunting coat and hat to the game because Gabi likes camo.  She couldn’t wait to get to the game and show her.


Good luck Lady Cats, let’s bring home another Bi-County Championship!

PS  I will get all the images from the girls and boys game in a gallery later today.

Northern Indiana Photographer: OD Lady Cat Poster

Tuesday, November 10th, 2009

Tonight is the first regular season game for the Oregon-Davis Lady Bobcat Basketball Team. (Tues at OD 5:15 pm central time)  OD Fans also know that is when the posters are available.  You wouldn’t believe all the e-mails and all family family that has been bugging me to see the posters.  Thought I would let everyone finally see it.  (PS  Harold Welter asked what we were doing for the poster awhile back and I didn’t even tell him, kinda mean considering everything Harold does for all of us, but am I good at keeping a secret or what)

2010 LadyCat Poster

Gotta say huge thanks to my buddy Nichole Frank for helping me out setting up the lights and the shot.  She really helped Kelsey with her mean look.  LOL  FYI Nichole is pregnant but she can still pack a mean punch…


Me, I am not pregnant, just been eating too many chocolate donuts, and I am a wimp, but I can look mean crazy…


We had a fun time at the shoot.  I about took out a ceiling fan when I moved one of my lights.  Wasn’t funny at the time, but hilarious now since the fan didn’t break and the ceiling didn’t come down on us, only damage done was to one of my umbrellas, but every time I look at it I think of the Lady Cats!

Good luck girls, I am excited about the upcoming season.  Play your game, stay healthy and I know you guys will be fine.  Special lovin’ to the senior girls that I have watched play since they were little.

Oregon-Davis Senior Night

Wednesday, January 28th, 2009

Fun times in the Bobcat Den last night.  First off it was senior night, always get alittle teared up when that happens.  I think I seen Coach Minix having a moment when the national anthem was playing.  I bet he was looking up at the State Championship banner and remembering that special time.  (I know I was, I hope we get to have more state memories)

THE SENIORS!!!odgbb-seniornightjan09_28-copy

 Randy Johnson was honored because he has been running the scoreboard for 40 years.  He is also a past OD Bobcat basketball player and his daughter was a past Lady Cat basketball player. odgbb-seniornightjan09_92-copy

Had to share this photo of  Harold Welter from WKVI.  (I use my hands to talk too Harold)


Was cool to see that the girls dug out their “fat heads” from last year.odgbb-seniornightjan09_91-copy

 Here is Jake and Drew, obviously they love Nicole and Kelsey.  Aren’t they so darn cute.  I wish someone would walk around wearing an I Heart Jayme shirt.  Do I need to make up my own shirts for that to happen???  Andrea… that could be your ticket to making another blog post.odgbb-seniornightjan09_08-copy

And since this post is about basketball thought I would throw in this shot of Justyne.  Really I should be posting one of Aubrey but she has been on my blog so many times lately.odgbb-seniornightjan09_44-copy

About the game…Senior Aubrey Minix had an AWESOME senior night!!  She scored 41 points (ties  breaks the Oregon-Davis record for most points in a game).  She made 11 3-pointers.  (that beat her own record of most 3-pointers in a game)  You can go to my storefront and look thru all the photos and see several of Aubrey shooting the three.  (I didn’t post them all- only the good ones)  Also I think Caley had a double, double, if not she came pretty darn close.

In case you were wondering…. why is Jayme posting so much OD Basketball photos.  A few reasons…. I graduated from OD (a few years ago LOL) , played basketball (wasn’t very good), I love to post stuff about kids involved in their school, Bob’s cousins Sam and Aliva are on the team, I have been taking pictures of the Lady Cats for 10+ years.  (Do I need to go on??)  I wish I had more time to go to other schools in the area but with two little kids it just can’t happen, plus I am so not a sports shooter, even though I LOVE it.

One quick annoucement…. the reschduled game against Argos that will be Saturday Feb 7th is at 5:00 and is at OD.  That is according to Terry and the School.  I doubt I will be there, we have a birthday party for a special relative we will be attending and not sure if I can do both.  Bummer.

Oregon-Davis Lady Cats are Bi-County Champs

Monday, January 26th, 2009





Congrats girls!  I had fun with you guys this past week.  Special Congrats to Caley on her recongition after the game, Gabby’s MVP of the tournament, and Terry Minix’s 200th win.  Lots to celebrate, although I am pretty sure Terry will have the girls running alot tonight after getting ice water dumped on him in the locker room.  (brrrr)

Photos will be in the storefront soo if you want to see more.  (includes Caley airborne right before her head hit the floor and made that terrible sound- I still can’t believe she didn’t cry-she’s tooo tough, also Terry getting water dumped on him after the win)

FYI Tues. night will be senior night, make sure everyone comes out to support the seniors.  I will have a kleenxe ready because I am sure I will shed a tear or two at this one.

Oregon-Davis vs. Culver (Bi-County Round 1)

Thursday, January 22nd, 2009

I love high school basketball.  Tonight I am going to watch my nephew Jake play 6th grade ball and then heading to LaVille to watch the Lady Cats in the 2nd round of Bi-County.  Good luck girls!!!  Here are a few shots from the other night…. just click on the image to enlarge it.


I will have the rest of the photos in my storefront tomorrow.