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Indiana Photography: OD Mini Relay for Life

Friday, May 7th, 2010

Today I went to Oregon-Davis for their mini Relay for Life.  It was AWESOME!!!  I had a blast, the kids had fun and I know they learned alot too.  Great job to everyone that put it together.  The National Honor Society members put on a wonderful presentation to the kids.  I was very impressed! :)  Here are just a few photos from the event.  I am posting more on facebook.  I will put them in the Starke County Relay For Life Group.

OD Relay 2010_03

The NHS students asked the kids to raise their hands if they thought Jayme was the coolest person in the gym.  Lots of hands went up! (Even Jerry had his hand up LOL)

OD Relay 2010_05

The cancer survivors getting ready to take their walk.

OD Relay 2010_13

They spelled out HOPE with the bags the kids made.  Samantha made one for our cousin Maggie.  It was really nice.  She put on it.. “Good job to my cousin Maggie.  I don’t like cancer”

OD Relay 2010_24

The first time I met Christina and her mom Amy was at the OD mini relay.  Remember guys.  How many years ago was that????

OD Relay 2010_52

These three were the main relay organizers.  You guys did an awesome job.

OD Relay 2010_43

One last photo, here is some of the NHS students….

OD Relay 2010_45

Indiana Senior Pictures: Blake from Oregon-Davis

Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

Hey parents, wanna know how to get your senior son excited about senior pictures???  Tell them they can get pictures on their dirt bike.  That is what Blake’s mom did, and it worked.  I had a BLAST with Blake.

Blake April201048bw crop

Blake April201045edit

This is one of my favorite shots…

Blake April201041edit

This next picture will give you an idea of how high he was jumping.

Blake April201023

Blake April201017

We did take a few non-dirt bike shots…

Blake April201012

Blake April201015

Blake April201004

Hope to see you next year when your brother gets senior pictures done.  I can’t wait to take pictures of his goofy smile.  :)  I think after last nights fun it won’t be too hard to talk him into getting his taken.

Northern Indiana Photographer: Kaylee and Ariel SENIORS!

Thursday, February 4th, 2010




Homecoming Queen!



Kaylee has been in the studio before, umm actually I think I have taken her pictures several times.  She is the most photographed senior ever.  Ray and her mom keep buying her sessions.  This last one was so we could get all her cheerleading stuff done.   Oh and Ariel tagged along and we got some Best Friend photos.

I actually had to say… “Girls- NO more pictures!”  They kept coming up with funny ideas.  I have so many photos I could post on here of the two of them, but I think the animation was a good idea so I just went with that.

Thanks girls for such a fun time!!!!

Northern Indiana Photography: John Glenn and Oregon-Davis Battle Against Cancer!

Wednesday, January 13th, 2010

John Glenn and Oregon-Davis girls basketball team and fans raised $600 for coaches vs. cancer last night.  It was such a awesome evening.  They raffled off a special ball signed by both teams, and they did a silent auction where you could win a special head band which was worn by the girls during the game.  I won the highest bid for Katie from John Glenn’s head band.  Her mom was really appreciative that I got it.

Here is a picture of me and Christina (girls basketball manager) last night after the game.  I put the headband on but her brother said I looked dorky so I took it off.  (well he didn’t actually say that, but I could tell by the look on his face that it didn’t look good)

In case you didn’t know I HATE cancer.  I wish it would leave special people like Christina alone so they can enjoy their high school years without having to deal with medical stuff.  Christina- you are such an inspiration girlfriend!!!


If you follow my blog, you know these two are always trying to get on here.  They thought I needed some models to show off the head bands.  They are too funny.


indiana senior pics2





My favorite part of the night was when both teams met in the middle.  How awesome is that they can just get done “battling” on the court and then can come together like that.  Super group of girls at Oregon-Davis and John Glenn.


I am posting all the images I took at the game on the storefront right now.

Northern Indiana Basketball: OD vs. North Judson

Thursday, December 10th, 2009

OD beat North Judson girls the other day (JV and Varsity).  This friday night the Lady Cats will welcome the Knox Lady Redskins to the Bobcat Den.  Should be a great game so if you don’t have plans come out and  support the teams.  JV game starts at 6pm.

Back to the OD NJ game… (Defense was key!)

ODGBB vs NJ Dec09_062

ODGBB vs NJ Dec09_059

In case you didn’t know the lady cats wear shoe laces that represent a cancer.  They all have had family or friends battle cancer.  The green band was special for that game to honor Christina their manager.

ODGBB vs NJ Dec09_027bwcolor

I met Christina Rotering and her mom May 2008 at the OD relay (do you guys remember that??)  She is a super sweet girl and happens to be the manager of the Lady Cats.  She is holding a shoe that was made by the Elizabeth’s Garden team.  It is a replica of the girls shoes.

ODGBB vs NJ Dec09_044

Before the Varsity game Lou Ann from WKVI radio gave a little talk to the girls.  I went in because well, I am Lou’s body guard.  (inside joke)  It was special to have Lou Ann at the game, she is usually stuck at the station working during the games.  And she loves OD because when she was little she use to go there.  (BTW did ya know I live in the house Lou Ann grew up in, yeah small world)

ODGBB vs NJ Dec09_029

And someone that is a familiar face to the local sport scene… Harold Welter from WKVI.  He is UNBELIEVEABLE!!!!!

ODGBB vs NJ Dec09_050

Lou Ann wrote alittle article about the game and she posted some pictures too, which by the way are pretty darn good Lou!!  Once we got her setting in her camera she fired away and got some great captures.

Thanks WKVI radio for always doing such a good job and for supporting our local young people.  And kuddos to the Lady Cats for caring about others and wanting to do something nice for someone that is having a rough time.

PS  What happened in the locker room stays in the locker room!

Oregon-Davis Boy 6th Grade Basketball

Friday, January 23rd, 2009

My newphew Jake plays on the 6th grade team so I stopped over there before I headed to LaVille last night.  Here are a few shots.  More will be on my storefront later today.  (click on the image to enlarge)