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Indiana Senior Pictures: AJ a Senior from Plymouth HS

Wednesday, August 25th, 2010

The following are just AJ’s football pictures, he will be visiting the studio this winter when his mowhak grows out.  LOL

Here is my favorite…

Indiana Senior Pictures

Indiana Senior Pictures

Indiana Senior Pictures

Indiana Senior Pictures

Indiana Senior Pictures

Indiana Senior Pictures

I had a blast with AJ and his mom.   Football is a big part of their life and AJ’s high school career so we wanted to make sure it was well documented with pictures.  I can’t wait to have him back in the studio this winter to take some more non-football related shots.

Good luck to AJ and the rest of the Plymouth Football Team!!  I will be watching to see how you guys do throughout the year so keep me posted on facebook!

Indiana Senior Pictures: Julia from Plymouth High School

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

Indiana Senior Pictures Plymouth, Indiana

Plymouth Indiana Senior Pictures

Plymouth Indiana Senior Pictures

Indiana Senior Pictures

Plymouth Indiana

We also took a family photo during her senior session…. (I did her brother’s senior pictures too.  Matt loves his picture taken NOT!)


Val and Shawn like their picture taken.  Actually Shawn is a pretty big ham.  Helps that I have known him for several years.  Once he rescued Samantha’s doll from the rain, it was left outside on the swing and he saved it.  They are both such sweethearts.

Indiana Photography

Was nice hangin’ out with your family Val and Shawn.  Send me some more nice people from Plymouth.

Northern Indiana Photography: Brayden 5 months

Sunday, November 8th, 2009




Brayden is such alittle chubby boy.  He has the checks that you want to kiss.

Gotta mention that Brayden’s mommy got a gift certificate for the session for her baby shower.  She told me how she was thrilled to get it and thought is was an awesome gift idea and told me I need to tell others what a good idea Photography by Jayme gift certificates are.  So there, I told ya.  LOL

Indiana Photography: Ancilla College Nursing Staff

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009


I have photographed the Ancilla College Nursing students for the last couple years but we have never done a staff group shot.  I think we need to do one every year.  We had too much fun.  I forget his name, but the guy in the middle had us all cracking up.  I have a couple other photos I could post that would give ya a chuckle but I better not since I don’t know him very well. 

Oh and my friend Allison made fun of me for posting on facebook about how fun it was at Aniclla.  I am always saying things are fun.  First of all, I pretty much have fun all the time, well except I don’t like to clean, do laundry, or work on the computer, (thanks to Chris I don’t do much of the first two) and Allison look at the picture, can’t you tell they are a fun group espicially the guy laying in the bed. LOL

PS  After graduation I will post the composite of all the students.  Good luck to everyone on all your upcoming tests.