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Northern Indiana Basketball: OD vs. Knox Girls

Saturday, December 12th, 2009

Oregon-Davis won 54 to  48 in the varsity match up, and it was an awesome game.  OD JV girls won also.  Both teams hustled all over the court.  It was so much fun to watch.  Of course I wanted OD to win, but I wanted to see a good game and wanted the Knox girls to play well too.

I am going to post all the images in the storefront after I post this and I have to mention, there are alot of images of Elizabeth Caudill.  I have known her since she was little and most of her family has known me since I was little.   Since I am busy following the Bobcats I don’t get to many of her games but always make a point to take pictures of her when she plays OD and she sure put on a good show.  For awhile it seemed like she couldn’t miss.  Great job Elizabeth and thanks for making it easy for me to get some good shots for your mom.  :)

Here is Elizabeth in action..

ODGBB vs Knox Dec09_054

Shelby Gilbert works her way thru traffic.
ODGBB vs Knox Dec09_071

Kelsey Minix drives down the court.  Someone mentioned she was player of the game.

ODGBB vs Knox Dec09_100

Samantha Sims take the ball to the hole…

ODGBB vs Knox Dec09_111

Alivia Sims makes an awesome pass right after I took this shot…

ODGBB vs Knox Dec09_094

My little buddy Megan got a bump under eye during the JV game.  And it looked like Justyne got a black eye during the varsity game.  It was a rough battle out there, glad I was on the sidelines taking pictures.

ODGBB vs Knox Dec09_016

Thanks for the fun night of basketball OD and Knox girls.  OD girl’s next game is on the 17th at home 5pm JV start.  I might leave my camera at home and just sit and watch (pressure from hubby to sit and enjoy a game with him, guess I should be glad he wants to be with me, but hard to just sit and watch)  LOL

I am off to post the images from the Knox and NJ games in the storefront.  They will be viewable in a couple hours HERE.

And thanks WKVI for all the nice compliments on the radio this morning.